The automated smart garden

In the chapter about the smart garden, you will find all outdoor area related topics and its possibilities. What and how can things be automated or what technology and software is required for building things like that.

Again, I will briefly discussed the control of sockets and lamps. More detailed continues the connection of an intercom system and its control from a distance. A huge point is the automated watering system and garden care by a mower. Just the last point leads to a significant increase in the quality of life as you safe time for doing other things.

What could be nicer to sit on the terrace with a cold drink and watch the automower at work or see how everything, thanks to perfect irrigation, grows and thrives.

View from rear garden View to rear garden Flower bed View to front garten Self made wooden shelter

Anyone interested in the wooden shelter: It is a self-construction has taken many ideas from the following construction manual (in german)

Currently, there are the following sub topics: