How to integrate an Intercom?

During the construction of the fence, I chose a mailbox which brings recesses for an intercom system from home. I decided then for a Auerswald TFS-Universal Plus. It fits perfectly in the mailbox and can be easily integrated into the openHAB system thanks to various switching and relay contacts.

Intercom installed in the letter box


The doorbell signal is forwarded through KNX universal interface to openHAB and sent via push notification to my phone. The door opener is activated by a KNX switch actuator together with a 220V / 12V Relay.. This makes it easy to connect and control a intercom in a smarthome.

Door opener relais and powersupply

Finally, the intercom can be called via an external phone number of my fritzbox and can be controlled from outside e.g. from the office. It is protected with an “5-digit PIN”.

So never again missed package deliveries. You simply tell the postman where to drop the package if you are not at home. Another highlight is a picture of the security camera what is hung on the message. Thus one sees immediately who rings.

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