Control garden lighting automatically

When planning the outdoor and garden lighting I had two requirements. First of all, it should of course be switched on and off automatically after sunset control, and secondly, it offers the possibility of manual control.


The automatic control is achieved relatively easily by a motion detector integrated in the lamp. Unfortunately, this variant does not offer the possibility of manual switching on and off. Remedy shank here a separate motion detector. I also followed this approach with my smarthome.

Main entrance outdoor light together with a motion detector Carport outdoor light together with a motion detector Terrace outdoor light together with two motion detectors Shed outdoor light together with a motion detector

The whole thing works because the motion detector no longer controls the lamp directly. Instead, the motion detector is connected to a KNX binary input and makes the motion detector signal available in openHAB. In openHAB, in turn, rules are laid down which turn the lights with help of KNX switching actuator on and off during movement.

KNX binary input to connect motion detectors KNX switching actuator to control the lights

Furthermore, I have implemented in openHAB the ability to block exactly this signal if the lamp with a manual switch, or in the case of the patio light with a dimmer, was turned on. Another nice side effect is that within openHAB the motion events are logged and you know exactly at what time who sneaked around the house.

Last but not least, there is also more flexibility regarding the choice of lamps and the positioning of the motion detectors.