How to integrate my automower?

First, a short explanation of why a Automower. There are a lot of different robotic mowers. Some are good and some less. Since you invest a lot of money, I wanted to do any experiments and have therefore decided to use Husqvarna. They simply have the longest experience in that area, as there first automower was presented in 1998th. Another important reason is the new communication module which will be available very soon. It makes it relatively easy to integrate the Automower into my home control system to drive it automatically into the parking position in case of a storm.

After a short research at Husqvarna, it has become a Automower 315.


It was important to me, that the automower provides a search loop and a adequate working area capacity. The search loop wire is important to a isolated area. The working area capacity should generously calculate because the manufacturer’s specification always refers to a 24-hour operation. I have 800m² to mow and the automower creates 1500m² with a 24-hour operation. In my case, it is enough, to run the Automower 5 days a week from 8am to 7pm.

Automower starts a new job Automower somewhere in the garden Automower is cutting grass streedside

Another special feature is the installation of the search loop. My two areas are separated by a paved driveway. Now I did not want to constantly carry back and forth the Automower. Therefore I have empty pipes conduit along the lane of the Automower in 8cm deept.
In total there are 3 empty pipes. Each left and right of the lane and one in the middle. When laying the boundary wire and the search loop the cables were simply pulled through the conduit. Now, the Automower moves through a small corridor of 1.5m and runs smoothly for over 1 year (2017).

Automower finding its way to the front yard Automowers long way to go Automower reaches the front yard

Smarthome connection

After I have received the statement from Husqvarna regarding the communication module that there will be no model for my model, I found it anyway. Under Robonect WLAN modules are distributed which allow a trouble-free smarthome connection of the Automower. Details will follow …