Switchable outdoor sockets

Switchable outdoor and garden sockets in a smarthome have a variety of application scenarios. The most popular is probably the Christmas lights control. For me, however, was another aspect in the foreground. I did not want to give the burglars the power to power your tool.


To achieve this, they are controlled by KNX switching actuators and can therefore be manually switched on and off. The switch actuators themselves can be loaded up to 3000 watts per channel and can thus supply even more powerful garden tools.

KNX switching actuator to control the sockets

Currently, the external sockets are divided into two groups. The front and rear area. Each group in turn can be controlled separately. But since the control is done centrally in the control cabinet and each outlet is connected via a separate 3-core cable, this classification can be refined quickly. e.g. to relaunch the aforementioned automatic Christmas lights.

Front outdoor sockets

Due to the control via KNX switching actuator, the sockets are also available in openHAB and can be switched on and off via their own rules. An application would be e.g. automatic deactivation after a certain time.

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