Automatic garden irrigation

For automatic irrigation system in the garden, there are a variety of manufacturers. For me is implemented with components of the company Hunter. Alternatively, I can also recommend the company Rainbird. They are in most cases cheaper than e.g. Gardena but still very high quality. In addition, they are compatible with each other of the connection dimensions, which you can not necessarily say of Gardena.


The watering system is controlled by magnetic contacts which are connected via KNX switch actuators.

Magnetic contacts to control the pipes KNX Switch actuators to control magnetic contacts

There are 6 controllable circuits.

Left rear garden Right rear garden Left anterior garden Right anterior garden Micro irrigation system on a shrub Micro irrigation system on a hedge Anterior garden hedge

Although it is currently not fully automatic garden irrigation system, but close to it. Depending on the sunshine duration and the already fallen rain, a start time can be set. At this time, the left and right rear irrigation circle are oriented one after the other. From this, the amount of water per m² can be calculated. Now the front part of the garden is watered until the same amount of water per m² has been reached. i.e. I start the program once in the evening and the rest is fully automatic.


The openHAB rules to control the wattering system are part of my deployment project and can be downloaded there. Alternatively, the openHAB rules can also be obtained directly from my Github Repository.