Control the music bassbox

I have always bothered that I had my music bassbox, which is located at the other end of the living room behind the couch, manually switched on and off and it is not automatically activated when I turn my music system.


To remedy this, it makes sense to implement an intelligent “master / slave” control. One needs a reliable way to detect when the receiver is turned on and when.

I can’t get this information via the receivers buildin network interface . It works only if the receivers is switched on.

A much more elegant way is a load depenting relay. I choosed the Eltako AR12DX-230V relais. The advantage is that it does not turn the receiver in standby but really only when a set load limit is exceeded. This relais is connected with an KNX universal interface which sends the current state to openHAB.

230V/12V switch relais

The socket of the subwoofer itself is controlled by a KNX switch actuators.

KNX switch actuator to control the switch relais

An additonal openHAB rule translates this states into on/off switch commands for the subwoofer socket. The rule is part of my deployment project and can be tried or downloaded there. Alternatively, they can also be obtained directly from my Github Repository.