Control the washing machine


After our current washing machine could no longer be pumped out, I started looking for a new washing machine. Of course, I saw this as an opportunity to take one with a smart home connection. Since it had to be done quickly, I couldn’t get any great information beforehand. As if we drove to the next best electronics store and looked around there.


In addition to various devices from Samsung and LG, I stopped at a device from Bosch. It promised a smart home integration and everything else you would expect from a washing machine. Smarthome are of course also promised by many other manufacturers, but somehow I had a better feeling at Bosch. In the end, we decided on a Bosch WAV28M40 washing machine there.

Bosch WAV28M40 Waschmaschine


In retrospect, I began to research how it could be integrated into the system. Fortunately, there has recently been someone who has written a binding (plug-in) for openHAB, which makes all devices of Bosch’s own Homeconnect system available. In retrospect, it was a good decision to rely on Bosch, since all of the manufacturer’s brands such as Siemens or Neff can also be integrated. In addition, Homeconnect is very well documented, so that the quality of the binding can now also be classified as very good.

You can currently see how long it is still running on your mobile phone and you will be notified when it is finished.