Integrate environmental sensors

Sensors are a very important component in a SmartHome as they can provide lot of additional functions.

Initially, I had kept an eye out for KNX-based sensors. But since they all only start at about 200 € and I need about 15 pieces of it, I quickly took distance again.

I decided in the beginning for a cheaper radio based variant. Although it worked very well, this solution never really promised me. First, because you see the radio sensors and, secondly, they need batteries. Even if they last a long time. So I never stopped looking for another solution.

Meanwhile, I have also found them with my Arduino based environmental sensors. They are embedded in the wall and therefore barely visible. Are wired via KNX connected, which eliminates the power supply. They have about 40 € material costs and therefore cost only a fraction. They are easy to integrate and, in addition to temperature, also provide humidity data. In addition, Arduino has the potential for so many more features.

Details about my sensor network can be found in the following areas:

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