Controllable Shutters

When installing the windows, roller shutters with electric motors were used. Here you should pay attention to the correct wiring.

Connect the shutters

All roller shutter motors should fed with a 5-core cable to the central control cabinet in the main distribution room and then connected to a KNX shutter actuators.

KNX shutter actuator to open and close the shutters

The control itself is done via switches, Apps or via in openHAB deposited rules.


A nice side effect is that you can easily implement a central opening and closing mechanism in this way.

Furthermore, the controllable shutters are also used for automatic shading or darkening. For this, openHAB rules evaluate various sensors and control the shutters based on them.

The following smarthome rules have been implemented so far

All used openHAB rules are part of my deployment project and can be tried or downloaded there. Alternatively, they can also be obtained directly from my Github Repository.

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