Switchable indoor sockets

At first, I was faced with the idea to switch every single internal sockets switchable. By experience of other KNX users, I came to the conclusion that this would be an unnecessary waste of money. But I did not want to do without switchable internal sockets.

Connect the sockets

My compromise was to run each single socket with a 3-wire cable and each double or multiple socket with a 5-wire cable to the central distribution box. There again, these cables are routed to the individual fuses in the normal way. By using 5adrigen cables in the double socketsyou can decide to make it switchable afterwards.

KNX switch actuators are used to switch the sockets.

KNX switching actuator to control sockets


Currently 5 indoor sockets are connected switchable in this way with me.

All sockets can be controlled via apps or via SmartHome rules stored in openHAB. e.g. The Christmas lights are switched on and off automatically in the early morning and in the evening when it gets dark.

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