Read gas meter

Many modern gas meters have a connection for a pulse generator. The functionality is based on a magnet which is mounted on the roller counter and triggers a pulse in the pulse generator with each revolution. This allows you to read his gas meter and record the gas consumption.


I have now extended my gas meter with the pulse generator IN-Z62. The gas meter offers this snap-in points in which the pulse can be easily plugged.

Pulse counter IN-Z62 connected to gas meter

The pulse generator itself is connected to a KNX universal interface. This universal interface is configured as a “counter” and receives every 0.1m³ a pulse from the gas meter. Thus, the universal interface provides the meter reading, represented as the number of 0.1m³ pulses.

Next, the openHAB system reads this value at regular intervals and calculates the current consumption and records it.

Gasverrauch visualisiert in openHAB Gasverrauch visualisiert in openHAB Gasverrauch visualisiert in openHAB

Use of the data

Once you have the consumption data from the previous year, you can also implement a projection for the current year. For this purpose, the consumption of the current year is taken plus the consumption of the previous year from the remaining period.


All scripts for reading the pulse generator as well as the openHAB rules for converting the consumption and for generating the extrapolation are part of my deployment project and can be downloaded there. Alternatively, the openHAB rules can also be obtained directly from my Github Repository.