Window, door contacts and motion sensors

When planning the SmartHome, the integration of various sensors was on my list right from the start. They can be used not only to secure and protect the building from intruders but also for future presence detection.

Window and door contacts

Here, I decided for a solution with integrated window and door contacts, which are connected via simple KNX universal interfaces. Each time they open or close, they send a message which is available in openHAB and can be further processed with its own rules.

Window magnet contacts

Motion sensors

In addition, there are in house KNX motion sensors which also send messages that can be further processed by their own rules.

Indoor motion detector Indoor motion detector backside

Rules and more

All this data are immediately sent via push notification to my mobile phone.

The rules or rules promptly send push notifications and have an influence on the ventilation and the heating system.

Furthermore, I had also experimented with conventional motion detectors. However, these did not prove to be so exact and were therefore replaced by the KNX variant.

Conventional indoor motion detector


All used openHAB rules are part of my deployment project and can be tried or downloaded there. Alternatively, the openHAB rules can also be obtained directly from my Github Repository.