Smoke detectors and fire alarms

One often underestimated danger is a fire in your own home. But when you first start talking to others about it you quickly realize that there are a lot of people who have ever experienced something in the direction. So it’s time to think about fireproofing.


In addition to the obligatory fire extinguisher, preferably a foam extinguisher, you should also obstruct smoke and fire alarms. In many states, it is already prescribed for new buildings and the additional costs are out of proportion to the gain in security. Mostly you have only one try in case.

After a short search, I decided for crosslinkable smoke detectors from Gira. The advantage here is that a sensor triggers and then passes the alarm to all other connected smoke detectors then also sound the alarm.

Smoke detector attached to the ceiling

Addendum to the foam extinguisher. You should take a foam extinguisher to avoid messing up the whole house in the event of a “small” fire. If you use a powder extinguisher, even if it is only in a small corner, you will find the powder really everywhere in the house.


A nice side effect is that it makes integration into SmartHome easier. All smoke detectors are connected in series and connected at the end to a system relay. This system relay in turn is connected to a KNX universal interface, which in case of emergency receives the alarm signal and forwards it to openHAB. There, controlled by rules further actions can be triggered such. send a message to your mobile or turn on all lights in the house.