What makes a good infrastructure?

In this section I consider basic things like the right infrastructure with a central middleware, its various bus and network systems and controlling via mobile phone, tablet or web browser.

For the control, I decided to use two separate systems. The main tasks performed by a wired knx bus system. Additionally, some sensors and homemade gadgets are connected via short-range radio system with 868 MHz.


Ground floor and first floor have separate distribution boxes. This has the advantage that the whole cabling stays in the respective floor and does not have to be pulled through the ceiling. The only cables that are pulled through the ceiling from ground floor and first floor are 1 power cable, 1 knx cable and 1 network cable.

Energy distribution box in the first floor Energy distribution box in the first floor opened Energy distribution box in the second floor

As a tip, you should choose the distribution box one size larger. Helps to rewire later immensely. I bought a 1400mm wide distribution box for the ground floor.


For the network, there is a special cabinet with additonal space for the server. He is used for more complex control functions.

Server together with the 10" network rack Switch and Gateway

Below you will find further details: