Apps and web interfaces

There are now a variety of apps and web interfaces to control the smarthome. Below I would like to briefly introduce the three most important ones in more detail.


By using openHAB together with an android app everything can be controlled very comfortably by a mobile phone. Of course, there is also a iOS version.

All used icons are part of my deployment project and can be downloaded there.

Main menu Light control Ground floor light control Control of indirect lights Second floor light control Shutters control Ground floor shutters control Second floor shutters control Most used things in the garden Motion detectors in the garden Lights in the garden Sockets in the garden Wattering program control Wattering pipes Devices in the house Washing machine Dishwasher Coffee machine Mowing machine House status Presence state Sun protection auto lighting status Data from astro binding Motion detectors and opening sensors Motion detector in the house Motion detector in the garden Door opening sensors Opening sensors of the windows on the ground floor Opening sensors of the windows on the upper floor Environmental sensors Environmental sensors on the ground floor Environmental sensors upstairs Weather station Technology overview Ventilation control Heating control Power overview Electricity purchase Power supply Solar power Self consumption Gas consumption Hot water Internet connection


Habpanel is an angular based web application. It is a good basis for custom surfaces and is used on my wall mounted display.

Wall mounted display in the livingroom


Another interesting UI is the Projekt Rotini. This Android App for openHAB is the best choice for control panels (tablets) which are embedded into wall. Currently it is in alpha state and some important widget types are still missing. But it is stable enough to give it a try and the first impression is very good.

Rotini UI example
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