Voice control with Amazon Alexa

A voice control system for home control of the SmartHome presents a certain challenge. Admittedly, Amazon Alexa and Google Home advertise exactly, but if you try it, you soon realize how limited it is. It works quite well with a limited number of lamps, sockets and maybe even the heater. But when it comes to more complex scenarios with hundreds of controllable elements, you are pushing the limits of built-in skills.


With the Android App Habdroid and openHAB a rudimentary speech recognition is already possible by default. The Android App is limited to using the Google Speech Recognition to send the recognized text via REST API to openHAB. There, the text is then further processed with a RULE. Mostly here by regex searched for words to then trigger various actions.


A first implementation was based on a separate app which basically works on the same principle as Habroid. The key difference is that after the text has been sent to openHAB, it waits for a response to display it as a toast message. i.e. You get feedback from openHAB what has been recognized and deployed.

Since this variant but always needs an app and thus inevitably requires a mobile phone, I also experimented with a second variant. This variant is now permanently in use with me. It is based on an own Alexa skill available at the following URL.


This skill sends the recognized text to openhab via REST API and is processed there using a custom python rule.

Sentence analysis and semantic detection

It is not simply searched in the text for words that then flow directly into an action, but rather structured the sentence decomposed and analyzed by what, where and how.

In this way you can form more complex and compound sentences.


“All shutters down and in the living room the indirect light to 30%”.
“Light in the hallway and in the living room and in the bedroom the shutters down”

In the second example, e.g. recognized that the living room is also about the light and that it should also be switched on in the hallway.

The sentence decomposition follows the following scheme

In this way you can form relatively flexible sentences.

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