Efficient and secure backup

CloudSync is an encrypted rsync-like backup solution for the cloud. It provides an efficient and secure backup by synchronizing a local file system incrementally, similar to the concept of rsync, with GoogleDrive or another directory. However, the data is stored completely encrypted.


The encryption is based on OpenPGP with AES 256 (optional) and a password. The encrypted data can then be decrypted using a standard OpenPGP-compliant tool such as ‘gpg’ or ‘gpg2’, or restored to a local directory using CloudSync. Started as a normal cron job, it creates continuous backups and works as a full backup solution for private data.

Encrypted data includes:
* filetype [folder,file,symlink]
* filecontent, filename and original filesize
* createtime, modifytime and accesstime
* owner, group, posix permissions, acl entries and fat32 attributes
* md5 checksum

On google drive everything, including filenames, metadata and content is encrypted.

Currently there is no cheaper way to backup your own private cloud.

Further information and resources


Example of my exncrypted backup folder in google drive

I use Nextcloud as my private cloud.



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