Nextcloud as a private cloud

Since my central server is now more powerful, has a Raid1 and the topic of “privacy” is becoming more important, I moved all my data from public cloud services to my own private cloud.


I use Nextcloud to provide my private cloud service. I can access my data through a web based UI, a android app, sftp and locally via Samba (SMB/CIFS). In addition, the mobile app provides “Instand Photo Upload” for my phone.

A demo setup can be tried or downloaded using my deployment project.

Further applications

In the meantime I do not want to do without the newsreader anymore. He is collecting news from about 20 different RSS feeds all the time. You can read it either through a web interface or with an Android app on your phone or tablet. Whereby it can be read on each device seamlessly. Articles are marked as readable across devices as soon as they are opened.

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